MoCA Home™ 2.0 / 2.0 Bonded


MoCA Home™ 2.0

  • Offers actual data rates up to 1 Gbps net throughputs
  • Performance modes of 400 and 800 (bonded) Mbps net throughputs also available.
  • Greater than 90% outlet coverage.
  • One in one hundred million packet error rate (PER) with 3.6ms latency.
  • Sleep and standby low power modes.
  • 500 – 1650MHz operating frequency.
  • Fully backward interoperable with MoCA 1.1.
  • MoCASec™ Peer-to-Peer MoCA® Link Security.

How to: MoCA Network Password Remote Provisioning for User Self-Install

Allows zero configuration networking for new MoCA based device added to a MoCA network in privacy mode, by provisioning the MoCA network password over the coax medium prior to admission. Learn how.

MoCA Roadmap


MoCA roadmap