Peer-to-Peer MoCA® Link Security

Seamless Authentication Integration:  MoCASec™ & the WiFi Ecosystem

MoCASec is a robust security layer that provides point-to-point link privacy enabling seamless integration of MoCA technology into home networks supporting the Wi-Fi Alliance’s EasyMesh™ standard. It provides the same security and privacy level maintained by Ethernet in wired and wireless links.


    • Seamlessly integrates in existing authentication ecosystems.
    • Supports any inbound / out-of-band authentication protocol and method:
      • IEEE Std 802.1x authentication protocol.
      • Same EAP methods used by WiFi.
    • Manages dynamic pairwise encryption keys per MoCA link.
    • Encrypts data units with 128_bit key AES-CBC.
    • Available to any MoCA 2.x based device by firmware upgrade.
    • Interoperates with MoCA 2.x network in privacy or no-privacy mode.

Simple, efficient peer-to-peer link security