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Membership Levels

MoCA Contributor Membership
Dues $25,000 Annually

Contributor membership has unique privileges including active participation in the development of MoCA technical materials and specifications. Rights and privileges include:

  • Eligible to Chair Working Groups
  • Eligible to participate in and make contributions to Working Groups
  • Eligible to propose new work items in a Working Group
  • Propose the formation of new Working Groups
  • Vote on matters presented to the Working Group(s) in which Contributor is participating

Plus, the full range of MoCA Associate privileges as outlined below.

Interested? Download the Contributor Agreement.

MoCA Associate Membership
Dues $12,000 Annually

Associate membership in MoCA is open to all interested companies that are involved in consumer products, technology components, service or content provision and related industries that benefit from high bandwidth home networking. The most important benefits of involvement as an Associate are summarized below.

As an Associate, your company will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Product Certifications
    • Access to Approved MoCA Product Certification Documents
    • Eligibility to Certify Products
    • Participation in MoCA interoperability events and certification waves
  • Access to Approved MoCA Documents
    • Technical Specification(s)
    • Market Requirement Documents(s)
    • Field Test Report(s)
    • Certification Procedures, Test Plans and Documents
    • Plugfest and Interoperability Procedures, Test Plans and Documents
  • Reasonable and Non-discriminatory license terms to Essential Claims and Copyrights incorporated into MoCA Technical Specification(s)
  • Marketing and Promotions
    • Participation in MoCA Marketing Communications programs and the Marketing Committee
    • Inclusion of Certified Products in MoCA promotions
    • Participation in MoCA presence at tradeshows and events
    • Inclusion on MoCA website – member area, news area, certified products
    • Access to MoCA marketing materials – membership logo, graphics and usage guidelines, brochures, and collateral
  • Member Services
    • Subscribe to members and marketing committee email reflectors
    • Discounted member rate to attend MoCA open workshops and developers conferences

Interested? Download the Associate Agreement.

If you have any additional questions about MoCA membership, please contact